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by savanna823j
Aug 17, 2019 21:49:59 GMT -5

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Sauerkraut: I did a 5K run this morning then it rained now it cleared up, should get up to around 34*C today. Aug 18, 2019 13:06:20 GMT -5
Sauerkraut: Watch out for muggers on muggy daze. :) Aug 18, 2019 13:05:21 GMT -5
Webster: Ch--eers! ifZWx8fr2vCH3POv6_In Aug 17, 2019 21:01:34 GMT -5
savanna823j: Muggy here today! sfin' Aug 17, 2019 11:34:16 GMT -5
Sauerkraut: I ran the Furnace 5K race yesterday it was 35*C had a blast but my finish time was in the pitts. About 400 runners took part. Aug 17, 2019 11:03:31 GMT -5
Webster: Che i Aug 16, 2019 8:46:16 GMT -5
Rusty: Full moon tonight Aug 15, 2019 13:38:07 GMT -5
savanna823j: 20190322_104613 Aug 13, 2019 22:51:07 GMT -5
Rusty: Cars have a life span just like people. Old cars need constant repair unlike new cars. Aug 13, 2019 15:57:01 GMT -5 *
Sauerkraut: Old cars are more dependable since not much can go wrong with them, you have a simple carburetor and a distributor and that's it, easy to fix and low cost. New cars have a computer management system & a "black box" to track drivers. Aug 11, 2019 13:36:50 GMT -5
Sauerkraut: Todays cars have more computers in them than the moon shot did back in 1972 and all you need to do is get from point "A" to Point "B" the more stuff means more can go wrong with them, plus parts & sensors are very expensive to replace. Aug 11, 2019 13:34:36 GMT -5
justoled: CD player. No bunch of holes to plug stuff into. 287hp V6, will be actually able to DRIVE it myself, no damn gear changing machine that changes whenever it feels like it. Engine can be had with dealer installed supercharger & better flow exhaust. Aug 11, 2019 1:44:24 GMT -5
justoled: interesting on "computers on wheels". I'll be (probably have to special order) new Toyota Tacoma. Little easier to park vs these huge full size. Mine will have simple AM/FM/ Aug 11, 2019 1:40:23 GMT -5
Sauerkraut: Funny thing is now I can afford to buy a new vehicle and I just do not like having a computer on wheels to get from point "A" to point "B", and that is what todays cars are. Wish I could buy a brand new car from the past. Aug 9, 2019 14:06:37 GMT -5 *
Sauerkraut: Yeah the Ram is nice but I don't like all that computer junk on it, plus you have to watch where you park, and I can't work or tinker on new vehicles. I like old heaps that I can drive and not have to worry aboutthem. Cheaper to own too. Aug 9, 2019 11:16:29 GMT -5 *
Webster: ...etc, etc.,etc.... Aug 8, 2019 17:06:44 GMT -5
Webster: Could be worse in terms of health insurance; right now, our dingbat of a governor here in NC is holding the state budget hostage so that we can Medicaid expansion through...basically, its' either pass the expansion or state workers don't get pay raises.... Aug 8, 2019 17:06:37 GMT -5
Rusty: You'd never have to buy another truck in your lifetime Aug 8, 2019 10:28:09 GMT -5
Rusty: Kraut,why don't you get rid of those 3 heaps of yours and get a 2019 Ram? They are beautiful inside,good as a Mercedes Aug 8, 2019 10:27:34 GMT -5
Sauerkraut: Most people cannot afford the ACA and it does not cover much, many insurance companies are not offering policies in more & more states. Looks like you get state help from CT though, I dunno how that works. Aug 8, 2019 9:56:58 GMT -5